Saturday, September 11, 2010

Woolworths Pamper Hampers (Over Stock)

Hi Everyone

Hope and trust all is well. I've got exciting news, I've been given the opportunity to get Woolworths Pamper Products/Hampers at very good prices as this is their overstocked
items they sell off. Drop me a mail to and I'll send you the price
list as there is just to much to show on here. These are really awesome products so go on spoil yourself.

Then on the HIPPIE side of life, I've been very busy doing Tie-Dyed T-Shirts for all sorts of
parties in September and I've also just done Table clothes and curtains for a Hippie Karaoke cool is that??. Any hows if you have any clothing that needs a *pick me up* or if
you've got a stain on a fav shirt that won't come out, call me and lets see if we can give the shirt
a new life :0). I even tie dye jeans and they look so kinky...lets start a new crazy fashion :0)

Later peeps, have a awesome day.


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